Designing and building your dream should be a winning proposition.

At (ALA) Andreas Letkovsky Architecture our mission is to provide you with beautiful and functional designs that enhance your property and lifestyle.

Experience the rewards of accomplishing your goals with confidence.

Our Services

Planning & Architecture

ALA is a full service firm that delivers all aspects of Architecture, Kitchen Design, Expediting and Construction related services.


Our aim is to address all your needs and wants, answer all your questions and concerns and soothe your fear about not getting the right contractor.


In house expediting will make sure your permit approvals and legalizations happen as fast as possible.  We know the towns and they know us.

Home Renovation

We specialize in additions and total home remodeling with over 35 years of experience.  Quality, design and attention to detail are always our priority.

Kitchen Design

Our custom kitchen designs are both breathtakingly beautiful and functional.  They are located throughout Long Island & New York City area.

Wide Line Craftman Style Renovation

New Homes & Additions

Our work has been featured in nationally recognized publications such as: House Beautiful, New York Time, Remodeling Today, & Design Ideas for Home Decorators.

Why us?

We got the tools / resources

ALA is an established firm ready and able to handle all your need using both in-house staff and specialized outside consultants.

Certified Experience

Our team oversees every aspect of your project including; architectural design, kitchen design, permitting, general contracting, specialized trades people, materials suppliers, municipal inspections and quality control.

Competitive Pricing

ALA provide you with an exception start to finish experience. Developing your design together with our construction team means we will work with you to help you establish your budget parameters.

Detail Oriented

We offer over 35 years of experience in professional design insight that will help you tackle any size project.  We always strive to give the high quality results you are looking for.

In the News

Our work has been featured in nationally recognized publications such as: House Beautiful, Remodeling Today and New York Times

Great Support

We have a very strong and organized administration that knows how to communicate and execute a project in order to deliver the best possible results.

Featured Work

Customers’ Testimonials

“Tremendous progress, concept is exciting”

“Very pleasant experience, I felt positive that Andreas would come up with a design that would satisfy my needs”

“All concerns addressed – love the design”

“Professional during the beginning, middle and end of the project”

“Very thorough, very knowledgeable regarding design and vision”

Very creative, strong ideas – how hands on Andreas was from the start

Very talented and easy to work with

The difference between speaking with Andreas and any other architect was like night and day

Listens to your questions and ideas, will work within your budget

Better than what we wanted

I am extremely excited and thoroughly pleased with progress to date with no concerns whatsoever, I am convinced that we have picked the right architectural firm for our job and everything thus far

We would not hesitate to hire him again

Excellent and meticulous about their work

You won’t be disappointed

Could not have a better architect