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"Very pleasant experience, I felt positive that Andreas would come up with a design that would satisfy my needs" - Lou C.   "Tremendous progress, concept is exciting" - Maureen H. “All concerns addressed - love the design" - Kathleen P. "Professional during the beginning, middle and end of the project" - Gaby B. "Very thorough, very knowledgeable regarding design and vision" - Peter B. "Very creative, strong ideas - how hands on Andreas was from the start" - Randy I. "Very talented and easy to work with" - Kari O. "The difference between speaking with Andreas and any other architect was like night and day" - Tammy I. "Listens to your questions and ideas, will work within your budget" - Richard G. "Better than what we wanted" - Lisa H. "Excellent and meticulous about their work" - Serge D. "I am extremely excited and thoroughly pleased with progress to date with no concerns whatsoever, I am convinced that we have picked the right architectural firm for our job and everything thus far" - Shelly H.
Unique and functional designs that enhance your property
Andreas Letkovsky Architecture
We are very proud of the architectural design and construction projects that we have completed throughout New York City and Long Island