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Thorough preparation eliminates surprises and ballooning budgets.  At ALA, we strive to instill confidence in our clients - confidence that the vision they entrust to us will result in a workable  design and ultimate construction of that vision.
Completing a Construction Project: the Four Essential Steps Design How will the project function and what will it look like? Material Selection What kinds of materials will be used? Contractor Selection Who will build the project and at what price? Construction How to maintain quality during the construction?
Before your design process begins, we will determine if the design drawings should be produced in one, two or three phases.  Generally, a preliminary design phase is followed by a technical construction drawing phase. For a small project where efficiency is critical, a one phase design is usually the most efficient.  Conversely, large projects are best handled in three phases where numerous meetings are required to address the many issues clients often have.  Then there are middle size projects that are handled in two phases.  This allows for review meetings to ensure good quality control and in order to achieve a balance between quality and price. 
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